The Farm

It all started as a desert reclamation project; when our founder first laid eyes on the desert land which was to become our farm in the Bahariya Oasis, 300km west of Cairo, he immediately saw potential.

The area had in fact been an agricultural center in Pharaonic times and has been home to native palm trees for centuries.


With it's ideal weather conditions and unpolluted soil, he knew that with the right attention to detail, this land could not only produce medjool dates, but medjool dates of unparalleled quality, rivaling all International offerings.

Quality medjools start from quality seedlings, however, and so we partnered with French-Emerati  company Al-Wathba Marionnet, for whom we are now the sole-distributor in Egypt. This allowed us to import tissue culture seedlings, or genetic clones, of medjool palms with fixed, desirable and reproducible characteristics.

From that modest start, we now have 60,000 productive palms, with a target of over 100,000 in the coming years.

Combing both innate knowledge of palm cultivation, passed on through generations of growers, and the latest in technology and international advances in science has led the name Linah Farms to become synonymous with quality medjools, both in the local and export markets.

With customers from Brazil to the Far East, quality control, consistency and reliability remain at the top of our agenda, with special care given every step of the process, from planting to harvest, packing and delivery.